The average age of NBA 2K17 Coins  players will be 26.8 years at the conclusion of the Olympics (Aug. 21, 



Included among the named 2016 U.S. Olympians were 2015-16 All-NBA first team selection Jordan; second 


team choices Cousins, Durant and Green; and third team picks George, Lowry and Thompson. Additionally, 


Jordan and Green collected 2015-16 NBA All-Defensive first team honors, while Butler and George were 


second team selections.

Nine players -- Anthony, Butler, Cousins, DeRozan, Durant, George, Green, Lowry and Thompson -- were 


named as 2016 NBA All-Stars, while Irving, who was named MVP of the 2014 World Cup after helping lead 


the Americans to gold, recently helped Cleveland capture the 2016 NBA championship.

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