Bloodweed and New Potions

A new herb patch has been placed near the canoe exit. Any herb can be grown here but more importantly this is the only place in Gielinor where the brand new bloodweed can grow. Bloodweed requires level 57 Farming to grow.


Thanks to bloodweed, three new potions can now be made, each giving amazing effects wherever you use them:07 Rs Gold


Luck potion: Bloodweed + crushed dragonstone. Ring of wealth effect for 60 mins. Requires level 57 Herblore. Tradeable.

Camouflage potion: Bloodweed + black salamander. Hides your dot on the minimap for 60 seconds to aid in sneak attacks. Requires level 65 Herblore. Untradeable. Aggression potion: Bloodweed + searing ashes. Makes all attackable NPC?s aggressive to you for 6 mins. Requires level 82 Herblore. Tradeable.