They're the fiery emotions that have fueled Green's rapid rise from second-round draft choice to All-Star 


to All- NBA 2K17 MTsecond team member to indispensable part of the Warriors machine.

"I think he's going to play with that same aggression, same passion, leave it all on the the floor but be 


smart," said Curry. "I'm pretty sure he'll be talkative, but hopefully in a very constructive way."

"He was very apologetic," Thompson said. "We could tell it hurt him bad. He told us it was the toughest 


thing he had to sit through as an athlete and couldn't imagine. But he has a chance to redeem himself."

What Green has to do before he steps onto the court is fit that intensity that drives him with the 


calculated comprehension of what it means to be a true leader, not just a screamer. That 15-point, 15-


rebound average in the series means nothing if it comes with 0 and 0 in a deciding game.

"I learned a lot," Green said. "As a basketball player, as a man, just things you have to do. You can't 


put yourself in certain positions. Not putting yourself in harm's way and really being a better teammate. 


The way I view it is me not being out there on the floor to battle with my guys is being a bad teammate 


and I take pride in being a good teammate."

No better chance to prove it than Game 6.

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