Black Desert PL  or two passes, and again we're grinding Elric.  The same group we'd handed the area to 


before shows up, and begins to try to steal our farm.  They weren't doing a particularly good job 


of it and we got credit for just about everything, so despite the minor annoyance we kept going.  


Needless they were upset and began telling us to leave because it was "their" area.  A few more 


rounds of this and they begin telling us that if we want them to leave we'll need to flag and kill 




Of course their intention was completely transparent.  If we flagged and killed them, there would 


be war, and we were still trying to be diplomatic.  Instead of flagging I simply respond, "we're 


obviously out farming you, so there's no reason for us to."  Now, at the time they outnumbered us 


5-3 or so.  Sensing an impending gank attempt I reached out to other guild officers, who began 


heading over.  One of our other officers arrives and tries to diffuse the situation by suggesting a 


coin toss.  One of their guys then told him that he could "shove his coin up his gaping ***ina," 


and continued talking all sorts of other shit.  Over teamspeak our officer said, "nope, I'm not 


having any part of this" and left.  Now, having given them the area previously as a favor to a 


friend and being declared on right after over something stupid, I wasn't willing to  .