Baker led that team in scoring and earned  NBA 2K17 Coins  .

Baker closed out his career in typical fashion, once again helping lead the Shockers to the NCAA 


tournament, where, as usual, they were a tough out. After a First Four victory over Vanderbilt, 


Marshall told another story about Baker, one that illustrated how far the player had come during 


his time in Wichita.

"Ron took what I thought was a poor shot with about three minutes to go," Marshall said. "We're 


probably up 14, and he takes a left-handed running lay-up over their big guy that didn't draw iron, 


and I kind of yelled at him; that was a bad shot. Time and score, you've got to do better than 


that. Then I looked at the video, and he got hit pretty good. I thought there could have been a 


foul, and he was probably thinking he was going to get two free throws. He doesn't say anything, he 


just goes on with it."

The Shockers upset Arizona in their next NCAA game. Two days later, Miami beat Wichita State in the 


round of 32 and Baker's career was over. Or at least, his college career was over. Those who know 


Baker best think the NBA is his next destination.

"Without question," said former Wichita State assistant Steve Forbes, now the head coach at East 


Tennessee State. Pressed for reasons, Forbes offered several.

"One, I think he's a really good player," Forbes said. "Two, he's ultra competitive. Three, I can't 


ever remember him having a bad practice, not going hard every play, every possession, every drill. 


I never walked out of the gym saying Ron Baker had a bad day today.

"You need to have a Ron Baker on your team to win. The intangibles, the little things ... all the 


stuff that adds up to winning, he's got it all."

Baker is still hard at work proving himself, just like he did in high school. He had a great forum 


to showcase his skills this week at the NBA's Chicago Draft Combine, but long before  .