Black Desert Silver recently announced the "male warrior" occupation awakening weapons promotional video. We can see from the video, the awakening of the samurai weapons still follow the Oriental style, originally with a samurai sword as a weapon of male warriors, weapons awakening "Valkyrie knife", characterized by strengthening the scope of the attack, similar to the shape of broadsword.

"Black Desert" officially open warrior awaken in April 21. Warrior can use the "Valkyrie knife" after awakening. This big sword shape is very domineering, not light weight, damage is also very impressive. The video can also be seen awakening warrior Riding Alone checkpoints, a sword sweep thousand armed forces. Currently, officials have released a warrior awakening preview video. You can see in the video, mainly samurai sword chop attack.

Although Fukatsu knife looks heavy, And the attack range is large, quite swept the trend. Meanwhile, the official announcement a few awakening warrior skills, which includes a wide range AOE attack skills "fire whirl." Together with samurai join the game is a new job woman warrior, it will be the next career awakening, awakening female warrior is expected to open May 12, players can wait and see.

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