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’s nice to think that someone who is in fact hacking will be hacked as a punishment. No word yet 
life, taunting the cops is not considered an effective strategy to get away with things.) Still, it
have customer service forums and the developers wouldn’t exactly be bragging about it. (In real 
The reports are mostly based upon rumor and hearsay, of course, as very few forbidden hacking tools 
hack the people willing to use them. It’s a shocking revelation.
out that the people unscrupulous enough to develop hacking tools are also unscrupulous enough to 
satisfaction when it turns out that Black Desert‘s hackers are being hacked themselves. It turns 
unceasing, spiraling cycle. But with all of that philosophy said, it’s hard not to feel a certain 
Vigilante justice rarely works out in  http://www.blackdesertsale.com/   .