Currently no. Black Desert PL would like to offer some more in terms of customization but there are no 


What about Desync? [39:00]

We are aware that especially melee classes are affected by Desync. However Valencia and Hacking issues are being prioritized first.




How investing Energy affects the Node drops? [41:30]

Official statement from developers: It does affect rare drops such as Witch Earring and Ogre Ring. Even 


if your Node level is maxed out RNG can still fuck you up.


No benefit from investing Energy into Towns or Worker Nodes. Developers are however considering 


revamping this system.




Revamping Mail system? [44:31]

“Receive All” button will be added soon.

Guild Journal fix? [45:33]

It will take a bit of time. This could be done after Valencia update finished.

Counts to the same QOL category as previous 2 issues. Chat settings are planned to be improved. Feature 

is being discussed.


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