Adventures await in a brand new unexplored region soon to be released – 

Parna’s Coast, coming in the upcoming Blight of RoI Gold Keep update! 

Participate in these three new events leading up to the Blight of Frost 

Keep release to ready yourself for what’s to come.

Get Ready for Parna’s Coast Event

Time ZoneStart TimeEnd Time

Pacific Daylight Time:12:00 PM

Start of Maintenance

(July 27, 2016)


Eastern Daylight Time:3:00 PM

Central European Summer Time:9:00 PM

Australian Eastern Standard Time:July 21, 5:00 AM



Preparation is key, especially before traversing through a place more 


dangerous than ones you have faced thus far.  Enjoy a week long server 


buff to get your Rider ready for Parna’s Coast.


+50% increase in high-grade item drops

+20% increase in tempering success rate

-20% reduction in Taming Points consumption

+20% increase taming success rate

Special Attendance Event