But Miami's offensive issues go beyond  NBA 2K17 Coins . They've relied too much on their veteran shot-


makers and haven't been able to get good shots when the Raptors have stymied their paint attacks. 


In Game 1, they bailed themselves out by shooting 11-for-20 in the last six seconds of the shot 


clock, an unsustainable mark. In Game 2, they were 6-for-20 in the last six seconds of the clock.

"Our spacing has to be better," Spoelstra said, "guys moving into spots so the ball can see energy, 


and making some easier plays against second situations. We had opportunities where we were scoring 


on initial actions, but these last two games were not two of our better ball movement games, which 


we'll have to correct."

The Eastern Conference had a bit of a renaissance this season. But while the Cavs are setting 3-


point records on one side of the bracket, the other side has turned into a slog.

"It's a grind," DeRozan said. "We knew that it wasn't going to be pretty, nothing was going to come 


out pretty. As long as we come out with a W, it really don't matter how we're playing."

The rules say that one of these teams has to win this series. But things will need to change if 


either is going to scare the team that has already won 13 straight playoff games within https://www.igs.com/ .