Illustrators, architects, comic artists, stylists who don't necessarily use 3D software) to use our tool chain and implement their non-game graphics into an actual game. Our graphics are based on vectors, but in a 3D engine. Cheap Fifa Coins  is also an absolute novelty and not only keeps data sizes extremely small, but also allows us to make changes on the fly. This enables us to satisfy any user demands extremely quickly. And isn't that service really important for a world full of real humans?Let me reference a concept expressed by Eiji Aonuma, producer of the later Zelda titles: A game doesn't have to look real -- it has to feel real.This is the principle of the art of Papermint, indeed.Did you look at other virtual worlds and video games?LL: Yes, and I can tell you, there is one game which really influenced me intensively -- Puzzle Pirates.