Kevin Love grabs the rebound and gets the put-back layup to go to 


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In a postgame interview with's Dave McMenamin early Saturday morning, Love asked the reporter why he always seems to wind up the target of blame and trade rumors when the Cavs' formula falters. Neither party offered an answer, but here are a few possibilities. And they aren't going away.

-- This team didn't spring up organically. It was constructed according to James' Miami blueprint, so expectations have been higher from the start. Cleveland's payroll is the second-highest in NBA history, so there's a sense of the team being rewarded before it actually achieves its goal.

-- Love wasn't fully respected for the 25-and-15 games he strung together in Minnesota, since someone has to score and rebound for a losing team. Now, in spite of solid numbers for most of his two seasons with Cleveland, he seems to be a lesser player. And his three All-Star appearances and new $111 million contract strike some as out of sync with what Love actually has accomplished for   .