Game Timer The game timer can be found in the top left of the overlay. This displays how long is left until the end of the game. When it reaches 0, the game will end and players will see a scoreboard showing how well they and their opponents did.  Important Messages Important information is displayed to the player though overhead info boxes. This is so the player doesn't have to look at their chatbox while fighting, they can keep their focus on their character at all times. These can be toggled off in the settings interface however.  

The scoreboard This displays how you and your opponents are doing. Your runescapegoldfast rs Gold   is the number shown in the large globe. To the right of that, you can see how well the top 5 players are currently doing so you always know how you compare to the best. Kill feed Whenever a player dies in the arena the name of them and their killer is shown in the kill feed alongside a picture of the weapon that killed them. This not only shows all kills made in the arena but it keeps the screen from looking stagnant if a player isn't fighting.

 Power up information In the bottom left you can find power up information. At the bottom you can see how much armour you've have left. Above that you can see how long you have left on your active power up. More on power ups below. Power ups Power Up Power ups are an important part of the Deathmatch arena. Aside from being fun, they provide mechanics for both new and experienced players. For new players, power ups are a chance to even up the playing field.