"He was running wide open on the  NBA 2K17 MT    ," said Jones of Curry, "and I tried to step in his way to make him go around me, rather than me going around him or avoiding him. So there was some contact. But that is part of this game. And that is a part of the game that we will have to ratchet up. And we will ratchet up, because they are allowing us to play."

James must love seeing that kind of play, Jones was told.

"Of course he does," Jones said. "We are out here battling. We are out here putting bodies on bodies, and if you're not willing to put your body in harm's way, then get out of the way."

Learning to be a pro

"I had Reggie as a rookie," said Jones, who was the No. 49 pick overall when he joined Indiana in the 2003 draft. Reggie Miller, 38, would average 10.0 points while playing all but two games in the penultimate season of his Hall of Fame career.

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