"He was the only athlete in  NBA 2K17 MT ,   who was bigger than Michael Jordan," said 


Barnes. "I consider myself a sponge. I don't know all the facts but I'm willing to 


learn. He inspired me to do research on him. And from what I've gathered, he was a 


full-blown activist who was willing to give up his career. I can't even imagine 


that nowadays. Don't know if I would do it."

Barnes is a benefactor of those who came before him: Ali, Jackie, Oscar, Russell. 


He'll be a free agent this summer and command millions. He's living a blessed life 


with few regrets, although he could nit-pick and name one in particular.

"It would've been great to sit down and have a beer with Ali and talk shop," he 



He paused.

"That's my loss  for https://www.igs.com/     ."