There are some basic rules of pet breeding in Black desert iteams



You can only breed pets of the same species (i.e. no cat breeding with dog).

The two pets you are trying to breed must not have a tier difference of more than 1 (i.e. you can 

breed a tier 1 and a tier 2 pet together but not a tier 1 and a tier 3 pet).

When you breed two pets, both parents will die and you get a single offspring.

To start breeding, you must check in the two pets and then click on the exchange button. This will 


open up the breeding interface which you can then add in the pets. You also need to name your new 


pet offspring and select if you like to inherit any of the parent’s transferable skills (buffs), 


which I will cover below.





Pet can grant buffs to owners when they are checked out. The pets you brought fresh off the Pearl 


Store are tier 1 and will only grant buffs once they reach level 10. If you want to have them give 


you buffs at lower levels, you must breed them to advance  Tier 1/2 pets have 1 buff, Tier 3 pets 


have 2 buffs and Tier 4 pets have 3 buffs. The type of buff you get varies depending on the species 


of the pet you breed. Shared buffs are those that can be obtained by any species of pet.


Shared: Combat EXP Increase 3%, Karma Recovery Increase 3%

Domestic (Dog, Cat, etc.): Cooking/Alchemy/Processing/Farming EXP +3%

Aves (Hawk, etc.): Fishing +1, Luck +1, Fishing/Hunting/Training/Trade EXP + 3%

Monster (Snowman, etc.): Gathering +1, Gathering EXP + 3%

The EXP Bonus is capped at 3% per pet. The combat EXP buff is apparently fairly rare and people 


have spent lots of money buying various pets to breed without getting it.


When you breed pets and pick the Transferable skill option, your pet offspring will copy over the 


buffs of that parent. If your offspring happens to advance a tier and gain an additional buff slot, 


that buff slot will be filled with some random buff from the list above. If the parents have good 


buffs you like to keep, I would pick this option. Otherwise don’t pick any or pick the non-


transferable option so you get rolls at new buffs.


You can see what buffs your pet give when they are checked out by looking at the pet window. For 


example I have two Tier 3 pets summoned and I am getting three buffs here (+3% EXP 


Alchemy/Processing and +6% EXP Farming). Buffs from different pets can stack and add up. However, 


the same pet cannot have two identical buffs (so EXP bonus for anything is always capped at 3% for 


as single pet). So here both pets are giving me 3% Farming EXP and they add up to 6% EXP.




The maximum EXP boost you can have from the pets for any specific category appears to be 9% 


assuming you have 3 pets out with the identical 3% boost.


Advancing Tiers

Part of the pet breeding is getting the buffs, the other part is advancing in tiers. Pets can 


advance in tiers when you breed them together. The rules for tier advancement are as follows (taken 


from this thread).


T1 + T1 = T2 or T3

T2 + T2 = T2 or T3 

T2 + T3 = T3 or T4

T3 + T3 = T3 or T4

T3 + T4 = T4

As you can see, when you breed two parents, your offspring will always get the tier of the highest 


tiered parent. So you will always advance a tier or remain the same tier as the highest tiered 




Levels do still play a factor but the system is predominately RNG based. If you want the best 


chances at advancing a tier, obviously breed two Level 10 pets. However, I have gotten Tier 3 pets 


from breeding two level 1 Tier 1 pets so if you are in a rush and have money to spend levels may 


not matter as much.


Special Abilities

Each species of pet have a special ability. For cats this is detecting gatherable resources, for 


dogs this is detecting hostile players and for hawks this is finding rare mobs. Through breeding, 


you have a small chance to switch this around or get a new Taunt Monster special ability, which can 


be a bit annoying.


For example my Tier 4 dog has gained this Taunt Monster ability and lost the detecting hostile 


player ability. My Tier 3 cat has gained the ability to detect hostile players but lost the ability 


to detect gatherable resources.




Offspring Appearances

When you breed pets, you can either get an offspring that is identical to its parent or you can get 


some unique looking pets with some features combined from the parents. Regardless, it appears that 


the offspring type is always one of the parent type. So breeding a Fighting Dog and a Shepard will 


always give you either a Shepard or Fighting Dog with some color differences in the coat or minor 


differences like flopped ears etc.


This Tier 3 Dark Brown Fighting Dog was obtained by combining a Calpheon Chubby Dog with a Brown 


Fighting Dog.



This Tier 4 Black/White Shepard  was obtained by combining a Shepard with a Batian Dog




Tier 3 Tan Fighting Dog obtained by breeding Brown Fighting Dog and Shepard (courtesy of 





Tier 3 Tan/Brown Shepard obtained by breeding Brown Fighting Dog and Shepard (courtesy of Vireo)




Tier 3 Yellow Kaia Racing Dog obtained by breeding Kaia Racing Dog and Brown Fighting Dog (courtesy 


of Vireo)




Tier 3 Blue/Grey Kaia Racing Dog obtained by breeding Kaia Racing Dog and Shepard (courtesy of 





Tier 3 Dark Tan Calpheon Chubby Dog obtained by breeding Naughty Dog + Calpheon Chubby Dog 


(courtesy of Rogii)

Tier 3 Blue Naughty Dog obtained by breeding Naughty dog and Brown Fighting Dog (courtesy of 





Tier 3 Black/Tan Fighting Dog obtained by breeding the Blue/Tan naughty dog above with Brown 


Fighting Dog (courtesy of IslaRose)

Tier 3 Masked Cat obtained by breeding Black Mask Cat and Tabby Cat (courtesy of Luxurious Escort 


of Edan) Tier 3 Masked Cat obtained by breeding Black Mask Cat and Tabby Cat (courtesy of IslaRose)

Tier 3 Brindle Cat obtained by breeding Striped cat + Orange Brindle Cat (courtesy of Rogii)

Tier 3 Hawk (courtesy of Kodiak)