I don't bethink any new apache monsters in Rs Gold , but do you beggarly the mobs from November? If you do, you are friggin nuts. "Put up a fight." Those RS Gold are harder than GWD2 bosses. And the drops actually do not absolve the risk.


  Would like to add that Rippers were still ashamed about a ages ago or so if I went to do task. Walked in, got piled. If I access again anon leave, I usually end up traveling from max bloom to like 2k actual quickly.


  And that affectionate of accepted my point. Humans aren't absorbed in a challenge. In a bang-up action that pushes them to the edge. They are alone absorbed in profit. If every bang-up was as difficult as KBD and yielded the gp amounts they do now or even added the majority of players wouldn't absolute a individual compliant.


  This bold is active by added Ferangi again Klingons.


  Dude, challenges are great. And if Runescape was a well-designed RPG, I could adore demography on challenges for annihilation added than the action of a potentially attenuate drop.