Black Desert Silver -deathTrace of DeathChimera/Orcs in Marni’s Lab near Keplan 

Skeleton mobs in Hex Sanctuary very south of Calpheon

bdo-trace-of-memoryTrace of MemoryAncient Ruins Defeder/Guard in the cave near Florin

bdo-trace-of-waveTrace of Wave 

Lastly, some Traces can be acquired by heating weapons. They will also give Pure Crystals and is a 


way to get them before you reach Processing Professional Level 5.


Bares weapons – Trace of Battle / Pure platinum Crystal

Demihuman weapons – Trace of Savagery / Pure Tin Crystal

Kalis weapons – Trace of Violence / Pure Iron Crystal

Krea weapons – Trace of Despair / Pure Silver Crystal

Seleth weapons – Trace of Death / Pure Lead Crystal

Yuria weapons – Trace of Ascension / Pure Zinc Crystal

Tree Byproducts

Tree Byproducts are Monk’s Branch, Spirit’s Leaf, Red Tree Lump, Bloody Tree Knots, and Old Tree 


Bark. They can be obtained by your workers logging certain tree nodes. Monk’s Branch and Spirit’s 


Leaf can also be obtained by farming crops while the rest are obtained rarely from logging trees 


manually if you are Gathering Skilled 5+.


There are also dailies in Olvia that will reward you these tree byproducts as well.


Old Tree

Julietta’s Hobby


bdo-bloody-tree-knotBloody Tree KnotsFir Node – Treant Forest 

White Cedar Node – Elric Shrine 

Acacia Node – Stonetail Wasteland

bdo-monk's-branchMonk’s BranchCedar Node – Oze’s Pass 

Maple Node – Forest of Seclusion 

Pine Node – Serendia Shrine

bdo-old-tree-barkOld Tree BarkWhite Cedar Node – Mediah Northern Highlands

bdo-red-tree-lumpRed Tree LumpBirch Node – Old Dandelion 

Birch Node – Quint Hill 

Maple Node – Northern Plain of Serendia

bdo-spirit's-leafSpirit’s LeafAsh Node – Goblin Cave 

Ash Node –