Kyle did not walk out on  NBA 2K17 Coins  ," Casey said. "He and Cory Joseph use the bathroom more than any two human beings than I know during the game."

Willing to give Lowry a break on using the bathroom, Casey wouldn't give himself one for his lineup decisions during Cleveland's game-changing spurt.

"What I've got to do a better job of is finding the group to play with Channing Frye at the 5 and LeBron James at the 4," Casey said. "I have not done a good job of matching that group."

After Game 2, Cleveland's Kyrie Irving called it "vital" for the Cavs to keep playing at their preferred pace on the road.

"We want the Raptors to play our style of play, whether that be in the half court, hard screens, being physical offensively and defensively," Irving said." When we're getting our run in, it starts with our defense, and myself or Bron are pushing on the break."

While the venue will change Saturday, Toronto's injury situation won't. Casey said center Jonas Valanciunas, who sprained his right ankle in Game 3 against Miami, is "doubtful" to   .