Look back at Tim Duncan's illustrious 19-year NBA career.


Brent Barry: And every teammate that has had Tim Duncan falls into the trap of taking him for granted. We know the league has done it for many years and we know the fans have done it for many years but to think as NBA 2K17 MT that we could ever do that might just say a little something about how much Tim cares about himself and concerns himself with others.

I implore people to listen to the subtleties of their compliments to what Tim Duncan is and what he's represented during his career. But I would also tell you that there are plenty of us who can never put into words the quiet greatness he represents. The inner peace of knowing himself. And the complete confidence one can have in saying there will be no one like him again.

Mario Elie: That's the way I expected him to go out. No fanfare. Just a little tweet or something.