My second impressions are  Riders of Icarus Gold   slightly the same as the first in which I wish there was another 


starting zone that with playing other alts I can experience a different setting instead of doing 


the same thing over. That is just a want but a need is some more life in this world that you have 


created. There are familiars walking around but what about other creatures; squirrels, small 


birds, rodents, small rabbits, and all other manner of creatures that fills a forest. In the same 


since when we enter the city there is no life walking around everyone is stationary and it looks 


very bland. Just think of the possibilities of adding life to your word, such as taming a heroic 


mount by killing a few rabbits and placing it in front of his den and then perch on top of his 


den and wait for him to come out and then pounce. Such creativity brings and okay game to and 


experience that keeps people coming.You can see : .