You know what's crazy about NBA 2K17 Coins? I'm 29. But that song, Purple Rain? My whole generation knows that song. His music has stood the test of time. If you said, 'hey, you know Prince's song, Purple Rain?' Not many people would say no. That's how his music has crossed the time barrier ... for somebody of that magnitude to (show support), the WNBA isn't on the level of the NBA and NFL. We're working to get there. But when somebody of that magnitude comes to your games and shows interest in you, it just makes you feel really good. We work hard. We don't have as many fans. We're still on the rise. But just for somebody like that to tell us he sees us and he appreciates us, there's no better feeling than that. It's not that we need to be validated, but it's just like, man, somebody like Prince can appreciate our game and the way we play. That's a cool feeling.