Next time searching into something afore banning anyone for 


Runescape Gold ......That's just batty and never already botted in my 


life. so lets do some analysis next time afore messing up a 


annual that did nothing.... thanks! Appearance affirmation next 


time ooo delay you deceit prove it because there was no botting 


traveling on. I pay for a associates I don't allocution to anyone 


so leave me abandoned I'm not botting... Hopefully the being who 


does the bans can appearance affidavit that would be nice....just 


because I don't allocution to anyone ???... sad!   This is not 


the adapted abode to accuse about a ban. JMods manually analysis 


bans afore they duke them out, so I am somewhat ambiguous of your 


claims that you were not botting if that is what you were banned