"One is always better than two  NBA 2K17 Coins   ," Kupchak said. "I hear what you're saying, but one is always 


better than two. If you're one, you can get anybody you want; if you're two, you can get 


anybody you want -- minus one. I'm not sure there's as dramatic a cliff as people think 


between two and three. Any way you look at it, we feel we'll get an excellent player at 



For a brief moment, Walton thought they didn't have a pick at all.

Walton is staying on board with the Warriors through the end of Golden State's playoff run. 


He got a joke text Tuesday from the Dubs' great PR man, Ray Ritter, saying the pick was four 


-- and that it had gone to the 76ers.

"I let him believe he got me," Walton said of Ritter. "I knew what time the Lottery was."

Said Kupchak: "That's cruel. And Ritter is  https://www.igs.com/