Perhaps the closest analogy to the current trend came when Moses Malone, as a restricted free agent, signed with Philadelphia in 1982 after Julius Erving and the 76ers had played in two of the previous three NBA Finals (and three of the previous six), while Malone had led the Rockets to the NBA 2KMT Coins  Finals in 1981 (losing to Boston). But even then, Houston could have chosen to match the offer and prevent Malone from joining Philadelphia. Players certainly gained much greater power and autonomy with the advent of unrestricted free agency in 1988, but people have not been accustomed to seeing them use that power like James, Wade, and Bosh in 2010, James in Cleveland in recent years, or now Durant. Powerhouses are not new to the NBA; powerhouses formed in this manner, without the consent or control of owners, is new, and some people feel that the results are more inorganic.

Durant On Criticism For Joining Warriors

Kevin Durant speaks with the media about the criticism he has received following the announcement that he was joining the Warriors.