"I think he's playing the best basketball of NBA 2KMT Coins ," Krzyzewski said. 


"He is the guy -- I'm not saying the other guys aren't in shape, just not 


the 100 percent shape they will be in -- but I think he is. Hes probably 


a guy who never gets that much [out of shape]. He might go to 97. He's 


just a very gifted athlete and to see him come back like this ... he's a 


really good guy to coach 'cause you can play him everywhere."


Argentina got outscored in the first, second and fourth quarters by 87-


50. But in the third, the visitors played Team USA to a 24-24 standstill. 


Coach Sergio Hernandez went with more of his NBA players and Krzyzewski 


wasn't happy with how his guys responded defensively.

"Our guys have to understand, the teams we play internationally are 


really good spot-up shooters," Krzyzewski said. "All of 'em, they can all 


shoot. So in your coverages and how you react ... I thought sometimes we 


didn't make the [right] decision."

He also wasn't happy about the times Team USA players went at Argentina 


in isolation, but didn't do enough -- in ball movement or cutters -- to 


ever unseat the defense. "Look, all these teams are good where you're not 


going to be able to do that," the Duke coach said. "If we just get a 


little movement and then drive, that would be a key And it shouldn't just 


be from ball screen, it should be from hit, cut, try to drive elbows, 


kick -- that type of thing."

On the injury front, Jimmy Butler turned an ankle but wasn't expected to 


miss any practices or games. Cousins and DeAndre Jordan got winded 


playing a faster-than-they're-used-to pace. Still, it would have taken a 


deeper, bigger and more skilled Argentina roster to have made this one