"There's nothing he was given in  NBA 2K17 MT Coins  that would make you think he'd be unanimous MVP," said Myers. 


"He's not 6-8 or 6-9, wasn't a high school All-American. Nobody anointed him the second coming of 


anything when he came into the league."

Curry received an injury scare when he sprained his knee but, after scoring 40 against the Portland 


Trail Blazers in Game 4 on Tuesday in his return, all is well now. The NBA playoffs, sluggish at 


times without him, just felt an uptick. The Warriors are complete again, one victory away from 


advancing to the next round, five wins from returning to the NBA Finals.

"My goal all along was to get back there and get the trophy again," he said. "It just so happened 


that I got another (MVP) trophy along the way. It's a lot of hard work. Everybody can take the ball 


and dribble and shoot it. You've got to put in the work. That's how I got here. I worked hard and 


got the most out of my ability."

The Most Valuable Player in the NBA has once again decided not to settle, and this is part of the 


swelling appreciation for him, and fueling the demand for more from him. Curry is healthy, his 


skills are breathtaking, and the regular season has given way to the playoffs, where the level 


intensifies. If the postseason brings out the best among the greats, then that must mean the best 


of Curry is still to come.

"I get asked a lot about Michael nowadays," Kerr said. "Michael never wanted to take a night off. 


He never wanted to disappoint a fan in the stands. Steph's the same way. He feels a responsibility 


to show up and compete and show what he can do  https://www.igs.com/   ."